The BON Hotels team bares all: Our most heartwarming, authentic (and sometimes a little awkward!) romantic moments

Young man bringing ring box for his girlfriend at his home

The BON Hotels team bares all: Our most heartwarming, authentic (and sometimes a little awkward!) romantic moments

We all have those moments when the heart pounds, the stomach ties itself in knots, and the world seems to stand still in the face of love. At BON Hotels, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing some of the most heartwarming, authentic, and, yes, occasionally awkward romantic moments that could rival any rom-com for their sheer unpredictability and charm.

So, grab a cup of something comforting and perhaps a box of heart-shaped chocolates, and let’s dive into our team’s most captivating tales.


Last year’s Valentine’s Day at BON Hotel Waterfront Richards Bay came with a tale of two romantic minds that thought alike! Mr Sithole booked a little romantic getaway as a surprise for his wife – this was going to be their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. He arranged the whole ‘shebang’ with the hotel’s Front Office Team – a room adorned with flowers, balloons, chocolates, and rose petals. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Mr Sithole, Mrs Sithole also contacted BON Hotel Waterfront Richards Bay, booking a table at the restaurant and requesting the full ‘shebang’ too – the table prepared beautifully, sparkling wine, and a cake plate with ‘be my valentine’ written on it, which was to be sent to the table as they finished the meal. Also, a surprise for her husband. She didn’t mention she was staying at the hotel, so the BON team didn’t realise she was ‘that’ Mrs Sithole.

Needless to say, there were surprises all around! We certainly can’t blame the couple for both independently choosing BON Hotel Waterfront Richards Bay, especially when the team pulls out all the stops like that!

A gravity-defying proposal

Over at BON Hotel Empangeni, a gentleman had planned the perfect proposal for his girlfriend. The hotel team had set up a candlelit table surrounded by rose petals in the restaurant. The team began to play the couple’s favourite song on speaker, but just as the gentleman was about to pop the question, a waiter coming to serve them drinks had a tussle with gravity and accidentally tripped and fell! The uncomfortable moment left the man frozen on one knee, wondering whether to continue. After everyone calmed down, he went ahead with his confession of love and proposal. She still said yes, and the awkwardness faded as everyone clapped and cheered.

Double up

Pieter van Eck, our Group Development Director, has a personal love story so endearing it would make for a great storyline for a sitcom. When his brother-in-law asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage, the father-in-law, in a bid to save on wedding expenses, suggested Pieter also marry his girlfriend (his father-in-law’s other daughter) at the same time. Although Pieter hadn’t planned on proposing just yet… he said yes. The result? A double wedding that was as beautiful as it was unexpected. Pieter’s father-in-law definitely takes the cake as the cost-effective wedding planner of the year.

Awkward exchange

Keegan, BON Hotels Group Sales & Revenue Supervisor, recalls working at one of BON’s hotels on Valentine’s Day when things went awry. A guest had asked their waiter to hide an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s dessert. But another waiter brought the dessert to the wrong table, and the wrong girl got the ring! It was quite a business to explain to the girl who got the ring that it wasn’t meant for her…

The BON Hotels team loves being a part of our guests’ most memorable life moments – even when the journey takes an unexpected turn. After all, the authentic twists remind us what matters most – making sure the ring is sent to the right table and getting on our father-in-law’s good side right from the beginning!

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