Good people. Good thinking. Good feeling

About Us

Good People. Good Thinking. Good Feeling

BON Hotels is more than an African hotel management company. Assisting owners with every aspect of management, operations and administration, we are also game changers who have redefined the industry.

Upholding value delivery and nurturing owner partnerships, our strategic, back-to-basics operational approach adds brand management to the mix. 

At the heart of everything we have owners, guests and staff, and ultimately, our aim is for all the establishments in our portfolio to realise their full potential.

We are also turnaround specialists with extensive experience and an impressive track record.

From hiring and working with “good people” to applying “good thinking” by being agile and tech-forward, the net result is creating a sense of “good feeling” with our stakeholders and within our own company.

Our Mission

To take hotels that could be managed, marketed and administrated better and then to manage, market and administer them better.

Our Vision

To be recognised by our stakeholders as the mid-market hotel, resort, and lodge group of choice.

Our Leadership

Committing to a focus and delivering on set goals gives our business integrity and direction. Our corporate behaviour is based on self-respect, balanced by respect for the rights of staff, guest, business partners, hotel owners and the community.

Guy Stehlik

Founder & CEO

With an innate enthusiasm and dedication to the hotel industry, Guy’s innovative and creative approach has ensured a successful and impressive career spanning many years as a hotelier, hotel owner and founder of BON Hotels.

Pieter van Eck

Group Developments Director

No stranger to the hospitality industry, Pieter’s excellent operational management skills have allowed him to manage multiple properties with ease. His easy-going nature, coupled with instinctive rational thinking, means he is a natural leader driven to ‘get things done’.  

Dawid de la Guerre

Group Financial Director

Dawid hails from Cape Town where he matriculated from President High School. Displaying a knack for numbers he went on to achieve a BCom in Financial Management and began his career as a trainee accountant. Twelve years on he brings a wealth of experience in accounting and financial management to BON Hotels. We value his honesty and reliability and figure we made a good choice!

Charné Green

Human Resources Practitioner

Charné has recently joined our head office as our new Human Resources practitioner, bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our organisation. A born and bred Capetonian, Charné’s professional journey has seen her working across a spectrum of South African hotels, ranging from 3 to 5 stars. She has also gained valuable experience in the corporate sector, broadening her knowledge of the working industry. What truly ignites Charné’s passion in the hospitality sector is the exposure to diversity and cultures.

Outside of her professional life, Charné enjoys reading, exploring the picturesque landscapes of hiking trails and embarking on exciting travel adventures. 

Greg Sparke

Group Operations Director

Greg moved from Protea Hotels by Marriott and joined the Head Office team in August 2022. Greg has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 24 years. He joined Protea Hotels by Marriott in 2012 where he held many positions, including Director of Operations at African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, part of the opening team at Protea by Marriott Hotel Pretoria Loftus Park and thereafter, General Manager at Protea by Marriott Hotel Durbanville.

Jaques Coetsee

E-Commerce and Distribution Manager

Jaques’ career in the hospitality industry began in 2007 as a training duty manager in Food & Beverage. He has worked his way through various departments until he reached head office level in 2011 at an international hotel group. Now at BON Hotels, he enjoys being part of the process to create an entire experience for guests, beyond merely offering accommodation. In his free time, Jaques enjoys being with his family, travelling and sports.

BON Hotels International West Africa

Commercial interest in West Africa and particularly Nigeria has not gone unnoticed as the business community from all corners of the world is literally ‘scrambling for Africa’.  We believe that now is the time to support the country that has given us decades of success and we will continue to add value to the local hospitality industry, our guests, our staff, suppliers, the communities in which we serve, and of course our owners.

The West African arm is spearheaded by a formidable team:

Bernard Cassar

Executive Chairman

With a career in the industry that spans some 35 years, Bernard is regarded as one of the most successful hotel industry pioneers in the African market. He is passionate about changing lives, adding value, living life to the fullest, making significant change and having fun doing it all.

Paul Umoh

Managing Director

Paul is a prominent member of the Nigerian community and brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to the table. He joined BON Hotels International West Africa as Executive Financial Director in 2015, following some 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry as Group Financial Manager. Paul is committed to the group’s expansion plans for the region and his vision is to grow a culture of Nigerian General Managers in line with international standards.

Guy Stehlik

Executive Director

With an innate enthusiasm and dedication to the hotel industry, Guy’s innovative and creative approach has ensured a successful and impressive career spanning many years as a hotelier, hotel owner and founder of BON Hotels.

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