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Mountain View International Hotel by BON Hotels

The Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) is a tiny kingdom offering an authentic slice of Africa, untouched by mass tourism, making it a perfect destination for any traveller looking to venture off the beaten path. If you’ve already decided on a memorable escape to eSwatini, you’re probably wondering where to go, what to do, and where to stay. Here are BON Hotels’ top picks.

Top 5 must-sees in eSwatini

  1. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is a secluded retreat and the country’s pioneer of conservation efforts. Explore this magnificent reserve from its grassy plains to Nyonyane Mountain’s dramatic peak on foot, bike, or horseback and get up close with zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, and plenty of colourful feathered friends.
  2. Mantenga Nature Reserve & Cultural Village: Prepare for a dual discovery offering insights into traditional Swazi culture and stunning natural landscapes, including the Instagrammable Mantenga Falls.
  3. Ngwenya Glass Factory: Here, you can explore the art of glassblowing and see how recycled glass is transformed into beautiful artefacts. The place to be for a generous mix of creativity and environmental consciousness.
  4. Malolotja Canopy Tour: If you’re adventurous at heart, you’ll love gliding through a ravine on eSwatini’s only canopy tour, offering treetop-soaring views over the ancient Malolotja forest, including rolling hills and deep river valleys.
  5. Hlane Royal National Park: After close-up encounters with nature? Hlane Royal National Park is where you’ll find them. This park is home to lions, elephants, and rhinos, promising a classic, crowd-free African safari experience.

Top 5 must-dos in eSwatini

  1. Attend the Umhlanga Reed Dance: The Umhlanga Reed Dance, an eight-day ceremony typically taking place in August/September each year, is the ultimate cultural experience awaiting in eSwatini. It’s a bustling cultural festival where thousands of Swazi maidens gather to dance and celebrate their heritage.
  2. Hike Sibebe Rock: Lace up those boots and challenge yourself with a hike up the world’s largest exposed granite igneous rock – a moonscape-like solidified plume of magma and a sight to behold. The hike is around 11 kilometres and will take you approximately three hours to complete.
  3. Swazi Candles factory visit: Feeling creative? Mingle with local artisans while they craft candles using an ancient technique known as ‘Millefiore’ or ‘thousand flowers’, which allows them to create intricate surface designs of colourful yet delicate butterflies, animal print, and glowing stars.
  4. Go white water rafting on the Great Usutu River: If you’d prefer thrill over chill, navigating the rapids of the Great Usutu River is deserving of a place on your travel bucket list. The rafting river is rated a Grade III (medium difficulty) but can increase to a Grade IV (advanced) at certain times of the year when it reaches peak flow, usually between November and April.
  5. Experience a traditional Swazi homestay: Get closer to Swazi culture with a traditional Swazi homestay, where you’ll spend a night in a rural homestead and experience the warm hospitality and daily life of a Swazi family.

Your perfect base: Mountain View International Hotel by BON Hotels

After uncovering eSwatini’s limitless traveller treasures, the Mountain View International Hotel by BON Hotels is the perfect place to unwind and reflect on your experiences. Currently, the hotel is undergoing significant upgrades to enhance every aspect of your stay. With the main conference room, kitchen, and twelve poolside guest rooms receiving stylish updates, and the lobby areas receiving some renovation love, guests can look forward to a more comfortable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The hotel’s dedication to modernising the guest experience doesn’t stop at decor and amenities. The introduction of enhanced Wi-Fi ensures that whether you’re in eSwatini for business or leisure, you’ll have fast, reliable connectivity at your fingertips.

Ready to explore eSwatini, Africa’s hidden gem? Book your stay today.

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