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A wide variety of attractions waiting to be discovered


Being known as Nigeria’s capital city for entertainment and night-life, Owerri is the go-to destination for party lovers.

People flock to the city from around the country to dance the night away at the most popular clubs, or to enjoy quality time with friends at the many restaurants and bars.  In addition, there are other great ways to spend some free time here:

Experience local lakes
Oguta Lake is a unique natural phenomenon of two water bodies of different colours flowing next to each other without combining. Take a boat trip or picnic on the banks. Find Out More
iHop Amusement Park
This amusement park is the ultimate in entertainment for kids with bumper cars, trains and playgrounds. Entrance is free and there’s a restaurant and bush bar on-site as well. Find Out More
Assumpta Cathedral
Visit the Assumpta Cathedral, a very large Catholic Cathedral, and you’ll be fascinated by its interesting architectural design. Find Out More
Nekede Zoo
Adults and children alike enjoy a visit to the Nekede Zoo where a range of wild animals can be viewed. Find Out More
Oil palm plantation
This palm forest and oil palm processing mill can be found just beyond the city. It is well worth seeing but make sure to contact the general manager of the plantation in advance to arrange your visit. Find Out More
Enjoy a great day of golf atImo Wonder Lake Resort Golf Course near Oguta Lake or venture to Obinze for a game at the Arsenal Golf Club. Find Out More
Heroes Park
This is where visitors can see impressive statues that have been erected in honour of former leaders and their good works. Find Out More

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