Play at BON Hotel Nest Ogbomosho

Art, culture and history meet…


The lively bar in the hotel served a variety of drinks, cocktails and snacks.
Places if interest in the area include:

Our Pool
Take a swim in our pool Find Out More
Our Restaurant
Eat a meal at our restaurant Find Out More
Our Bar
Have a drink at our bar Find Out More
Our Gym
Have a workout in our gym Find Out More
Nike Art Gallery
Nike Art Gallery is a popular attraction, showcasing a variety of Nigerian artwork. Find Out More
Owu Falls
Described as the highest and most spectacular in West Africa, the water cascades 330 feet down an escarpment into a pool of ice-cold water below. Find Out More
Oduduwa Shrine and Grove
This is an important historical and educational site. A local chief lives here and is always willing to tell visitors stories about days gone by. Find Out More

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