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Experience Jozis soulful rhythm at our premier hotel and jazz destination.


Immerse yourself in the soulful pulse of Jozi right outside our doors.

Marabi Jazz Club
Step into the Marabi Club, where exceptional cuisine meets captivating live jazz performances. Rooted in the vibrant urban culture of 1920s and 1930s Doornfontein, known as 'marabi', this venue pays homage to the energetic and improvisational music that defined an era of escapism from the hardships of the workweek. Nestled in the basement of Hallmark House by BON Hotels, the Marabi Club meticulously recreates this historic ambiance through its thoughtfully curated interior design. From the inviting long bar to the smartly dressed waitrons delivering friendly and efficient service, every detail contributes to the electric atmosphere. Experience it firsthand and discover why the Marabi Club stands as one of Jozi's premier destinations for authentic music and dining experiences. Find Out More
Sip, socialise and soak in the skyline at the Rooftop at Hallmark House by BON Hotels. Located on the 15th floor, our recently renovated Rooftop offers unparalleled views of downtown Jozi, attracting our stylish yet down-to-earth clientele. Here, the fusion of industrial edge and contemporary chic creates one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in our dynamic city, complete with a wrap-around bar and breathtaking sunsets. Don't miss The Hallmark Gallery, where you can immerse yourself in the latest offerings of African contemporary art. Find Out More
There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, surrounded by the chilled sounds of music, friends catching up over their favourite brew, and coming to the realisation that you’d rather pick a spot to work from for the day than be at your office desk. Join us at Jozi’s favourite inner city remote workspace, located at Hallmark House by BON Hotels and enjoy free Wi-Fi, uninterrupted power, coffee and a fresh menu! Find Out More
From fades to braids and close shaves, Cutters Barbershop is a unique experience located in the heat of Hallmark House by BON Hotels. They offer signature treatments with a range of products and services including his and hers care, cuts and styling techniques – all led by one of Jozi’s best kept secrets, our Head Barber, Amon. We provide that vintage feeling with a modern touch. Find Out More
Bonile Modiselle Dance Studio
Located on the hotel’s rooftop, The Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio is an all-inclusive environment that offers various styles of dance classes to the public to encourage creativity, individuality and fun, whilst sweating away the stress of day-to-day commitments. Learn from only the finest instructors who will bring you the best dance, fitness and fun sessions all against the backdrop of breathtaking inner-city views. Find Out More
Hotel Gym
Equipped with premium fitness equipment tailored to your every need, and offering panoramic views that will inspire, it's the perfect setting to kickstart your day before indulging in a delectable Thorn breakfast or shedding off those calories from last night's Marabi dinner. Find Out More
Arts on Main
Arts on Main is a mixed-use creative hub in Johannesburg’s urban neighbourhood, the Maboneng Precinct. The premises consists of artists’ studios, galleries, workshops, eateries, and various office and retail spaces, offering visitors a range of events, arts and merchandise. Find Out More
The Bioscope
The Bioscope is South Africa’s only independent cinema, showing films weekly. The complex has both an indoor and outdoor screen and often hosts live shows as well. Be sure to pre-check the screening schedule and possibly book tickets before you go. Find Out More
Smack! Republic Brewery
Smack! Republic Brewery is all about innovation, quality and a liberal dose of rebellion. Smack Republic is situated in a part of east Johannesburg that has been revamped under the urban renewal umbrella, and is seeing more and more of a young, fun vibe as it continues to grow and move up in the social ranks. Find Out More
POPArt Theatre
The POPArt theatre plays host to a number of different live shows and performances throughout the year. An independent little theatre, you can expect to see some interesting productions which you won’t find anywhere else. Find Out More

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