BON Hotels launches revamped BON Hotel Abuja

BON Hotels launched their revamped BON Hotel Abuja at an event attended by media guests and VIPs on 20 March 2018. The hotel, which services international and high profile clientele, has recently undergone an upgrade and extension following the success of the previous 28-roomed offering.

South-African based BON Hotels, who own, operate and manage hotels across the African continent, believe that they along with the owners have set a new benchmark for hotels in Nigeria. 

The four-star international standard BON Hotel Abuja, which was taken over by the BON Hotels group in October 2016, has completed phases 1 and 2 of a total revamp. The initial phases saw a refurbishment and redecoration of the existing rooms and bathrooms, an upgrade and revamp of all the public areas, the addition of a swimming pool, a gym and a coffee lounge.

The final phase, which is still in progress, is the addition of 20 new rooms on the recently acquired property adjacent to the existing hotel. The owner and general manager in consultation with Executive Chef Chris Geldart have also upgraded their restaurant and kitchen facilities and launched a new menu, improving the already high-quality offering.

As a flagship hotel for the BON Hotel Group, the owner and management are thrilled with the result of the luxury upgrade, which has been in process for 18 months. General Manager Ankia Geldart explained that it wasn’t without challenges “as a working hotel, with in-house guests, the revamp was often a challenge as the hotel needed to consider guests and mitigate any inconvenience.” The impressive upgrades were showcased to guests and media who attended the event where Ikenna Chukwueke, owner of the property, confirmed the joint commitment. “Our mutual commitment to this project speaks for itself; you simply do not achieve an average room occupancy of 90% by accident. This takes careful design, and commitment of both parties to consistently delivering 4-star international service standards and products, and BON Hotels have certainly proved their worth,” he said. 

Addressing guests at the event, Guy Stehlik, CEO of BON Hotels International West Africa,  confirmed the group’s dedication and enthusiasm to the hotels they manage and market, and moreover their commitment to the upliftment, success and transformation of the Nigerian hospitality industry. “With owners who are wholeheartedly passionate about our brand, with the value and experience our board, management and staff bring to the table, we are undoubtedly confident about our success in Nigeria,” he explained. 

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