Our Service and Expertise

Services and Expertise

BON Hotels is an exciting hotel management company operating from Cape Town, South Africa. BON Hotels includes: unique performance-based fee structures, short-term agreements and an approach that welcomes hotel owner participation. This business has changed, from both an industry and a guest perspective, and we welcome you to become part of this shift, in a positive way.

We are engaging with hotel owners, offering our unique hotel management and marketing systems to hotels and resorts that we can confidently add value to.

Our Expertise

The BON Hotels crew really understands the hospitality business! We have been chefs, accountants, departmental heads, general managers, regional managers and even owners: we know the territory like the backs of our hands; we understand what it takes to manage a hotel in a way that surprises guests, and exceeds their expectations.

Every member of the team – personally appointed by Guy Stehlik – is keen to play a part in the success story that will be written in lights in the forth coming years.

With BON Hotels on board for a property opening or major repositioning, you will be working with management experts that have gone through the hotel development and opening experience countless times.

We have the capacity to oversee everything – from day-to-day management, concept development, site selection, design co-ordination and contractor selection; to the stocking of shelves, obtaining the right equipment, décor, licenses, staff selection, as well as organising your opening event.

With BON Hotels focusing on every aspect of your business, the specific needs of you, the owners, are met.  We structure a partnership with hotel owners that delivers better than market-related returns, improves viability, provides an excellent management infrastructure and an ethical, transparent business relationship.

Our Services

BON Hotels has the expertise to provide a complete management service, taking your hotel in hand and handling every aspect of the business on your behalf. When we engage with you on this basis, we bring all six BON Blueprints to bear on every single aspect of your operation.
Covering all operational, financial and management functions – so you, the owner, can leave your business in our hands, knowing that BON Hotels is working, planning, managing and being proactive on your behalf.

Alternatively, we can simply offer you our BON branding approach, delivering a slick marketing and sales effort that will reposition your hotel in a contemporary, relevant way.
In this case, your hotel will benefit from the BON Marketing and Sales Blueprint, and once this blueprint kicks in, guests will associate your hotel with all the positives of the BON Hotels brand.

BON Hotels has extensive expertise in the management of hotels in transitional and distressed circumstances, providing efficient and cost-effective receivership services for lenders who are preparing to foreclose and sell a property.

Our fees are tailor-made for each property and are calculated on results. Our Management fees consist of:

  • Base Management Fee – this covers the basic costs of service provision
  • Fees limited to REVPAR targets – this ties BON Hotels into performance-based targets, usually limited to REVPAR achievements: fees are paid only if targets are met.
  • Incentive Fee – this links profitability to the results of our efforts, evidenced in the profitability of the hotels we manage. This is based on a percentage of Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Abnormal Items [EBITDA] and REVPAR attainment.

Our very competitive Management fees are calculated primarily on results. There are three elements to the fee which are invariably dependent on the hotel being a branded BON Hotel. One of the remarkable features of our fee structure is that a substantial portion is based on achieving REVPAR.

Franchise Fees – Based on crucial service factors, BON Hotels will grant franchise agreements where BON Hotels provide sales, marketing and branding only.

Contract Duration – The first four years in the life of any new hotel are usually unpredictable, until stability is attained and the hotel becomes established in the market place. We, therefore, have a medium to long term partnership with all our hotels.

Our Blueprints

The cornerstone of our business is based on 6 BON Blueprints. BON Blueprints are codes of conduct and structured business templates that define how we behave and operate. BON Blueprints ensure consistency in every action, making it possible to wow guests and get results for our hotels. The BON Blueprints provide clarity, discipline, ethics and agreed codes of behaviour. We have brought our collective knowledge and experience to bear on the documentation of these standards and procedures. This is what makes BON better than good!

The cornerstone of our business and the most crucial of all our blueprints! This clearly outlines the hotel owner’s bill of rights, ensuring respectful, successful owner-operator relationships. Our 5-point Owner-Operator Blueprint includes:

  • Tabling owner reporting requirements
  • Planning meeting frequency with the owner
  • Establishing the owner profile
  • Agreement on the level of owner involvement in the hotel
  • Scheduling owner inductions

We document every action and intention relating to daily marketing activities, 24/7/365. By following a disciplined, structured plan, we build awareness and loyalty for the BON Hotels brand, attracting and securing the loyalty of potential markets. Our Marketing and Sales Blueprint includes several important activities and disciplines:

  • Local, national and global marketing strategies that represent only the beginning of our commitment to increasing your hotel’s profitability.
  • Sales and marketing activites are clustered into specific segments, each requiring daily, weekly, monthly and annual actions. Each is recorded and tracked in detail, while new marketing initiatives are considered at weekly sales and marketing meetings.
  • Our world class Graphic Design team develops quality marketing material for each of our Hotels.
  • Web Site design and development
  • Our online team is highly responsive and will see to it that content relating to your hotel is up to date, accurate and on strategy.
  • We have a well-considered approach to using social media platforms for building relationships and keeping the conversation going with guests.  
  • BON Hotels maintain excellent relationships with the media and consumers. Our Public Relations strategies have been proven to boost occupancy and generate increased revenue.
  • Event coordination of all your events – and any related advertising and promotion, followed by a customised plan to reach and maintain sales after launch.
  • Our energetic, motivated Sales Department co-ordinates its approach with the marketing strategy, ensuring efficient and effective sales. The team works locally and internationally with tour operators, travel agents and procurement departments, ensuring that hotel packages, offers and deals are presented and sold through to the ideal targets.  
  • BON Hotels’ integrated electronic reservations and Call Centre supports all sales efforts.
  • Efficient Centralised Reservations ensures easy booking for first time, as well as for returning guests.
  • Revenue Analysis Tools to analyse sales and marketing results and define appropriate actions.
  • Our excellent Database Management System ensures return visits and works hand in hand with our Loyalty Program.

Our dynamic approach to marketing will pull floundering hotels back from the brink, to where they need to be – and ramp up the performance of establishments that are already doing well.  

Every guest interface with BON Hotels is documented in minute detail – from the check-in service to greetings, porter services and room service – making it possible to replicate quality for a consistent ‘BON’ experience. We want guests to feel compelled to repeat the experience, to talk about the BON Hotels experience to their network. ‘BEST OF BON’ relies on 5 key activities:

  • Super-efficient central reservations infrastructure – core to a quality guest experience.
  • BON Hotels Quality Inspection Audits (random, unannounced QA’s – conducted monthly).
  • Guest feedback scores – a key driver in a highly networked, digital world.
  • Identification of guest preferences, measured as part of the plan.
  • Regular reviews: we keep reviewing your ‘BEST OF BON’  Blueprint for your hotel.

Quality perceptions and experiences are a moving target, so regular reviews are essential.

Because every BON Hotel is judged by the quality of its staff and service, this blueprint puts the right people in the right places, and invests in their value with training that develops their skills. To ensure the success of your opening, we will creatively recruit, hire, and train up the right people to accomplish our goals. Our employment process includes criminal and credit checks, followed by detailed orientation and training, leading to industry-wide certification. Our BON People Blueprint documents the annual staff plan – including daily, weekly, monthly and annual training requirements, staff career development and departmental cross-training. We regularly evaluate and appraise staff performance, helping BON people to set and achieve their career goals. 

BON provides Human Resources, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Front Office and Reservations manuals customised for each hotel – ensuring staff are always guided by clear directives.

The land, buildings, hardware, furnishings and all other physical assets of a BON Hotel need to be properly maintained to hold their value. This blueprint sets out guidelines for looking after your property. Services Include:

  • Contract compliance
  • Concise reporting
  • Benchmarking & best financial practices
  • Operational reviews
  • Strategic planning
  • Development services
  • Facilities recommendations

We offer detailed recommendations to improve facilities, increase revenue growth and provide consistent quality of service. We regularly review the market strategy and expense controls, and consider ways to enhance asset value.

This blueprint looks at feasibility, budgeting and control of financial processes to ensure equitable quality, and spending appropriately to maintain standards, balanced with financial restraint. It requires the timeous delivery of accurate financial statements, providing internal audit services and conducting monthly reviews with owners.

Owners Bill of Rights

This defines our relationships with hotel owners. It creates clear boundaries and sees to it that the relationship between hotel owners and key BON Hotels management is sound, respectful and mutually beneficial.


  • Right that operator puts the owner’s interests first
  • Right to absentee ownership
  • Right to active ownership
  • Right to a fair and equitable management
  • Agreement (not operator biased)
  • Right to approve a detailed annual operating plan
  • Right to approve a detailed annual capital plan
  • Right to a reasonable restrictive (non-competitive) covenant
  • Right to operator performance standards
  • Right to control cash in excess of operating capital requirements and in the replacement reserve account
  • Right to understand the costs and benefits associated with operator system reimbursable expenses
  • Right to meet monthly with operator to review financial performance
  • Right to have access to and audit the books and records of the hotel
  • Right for the hotel to be managed consistently with maximising long term asset value


  • Right to manage the hotel without undue interference from the owner’s (reasonable non-disturbance)
  • Right to manage the hotel in a consistent manner with an approved annual plan (operating and capital budgets)
  • Right to limited financial risk
  • Right to indemnity except for gross negligence or willful misconduct
  • Right to cash for operating capital and approved capital-expenditure requirements
  • Right to a stable, reasonable contract term, subject to performance standards
  • Right to earn a fair base management fee and an incentive fee based on performance
  • Right to demand that the owner be well-capitalised and the hotel not over-leveraged
  • Right to operate and maintain the hotel consistent with operator’s standards
  • Right to select, terminate, train, supervise, and assign all employees of the hotel
  • Right to require the owner to maintain appropriate insurance coverage and hold operator harmless for any loss sustained

Become a BON Hotel

We are seeking to add value to hotels across the African continent. 

We would love to engage with you, please assist by completing your information or email us.

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