In her own words.

Jadine Venter – Operations, BON Hotels

When it comes to a career in hospitality as a calling, Jadine is an expert. She’s dedicated to providing only the best in service, illustrating the fulfilment that comes with achieving exceptional guest experiences. She shares her ideas on inspiring young people to pursue hospitality careers and her aspirations for BON Hotels below.

What inspires you in your career in hospitality?

I find bringing happiness to others through great service very rewarding. It inspires me to craft exceptional, boutique-style guest service and quality guest stays. I am also enthusiastic about upselling to better the BON Hotels guest experience. This, together with growing the BON Hotels brand in the industry, reinforces my passion for what I do.

How can we inspire younger generations to get excited about hospitality and pursue careers in the industry?

We can generate enthusiasm and excitement around the deep fulfilment that comes from creating exceptional guest experiences. We can highlight the rewards of providing top-tier service, not only for our guests but for the establishment as a whole. When guests express satisfaction with your work, there’s a significant sense of accomplishment that accompanies that.

What’s one project or initiative you’d love to spearhead in the future to drive the organisation forward?

To scale, grow, and integrate our standards and controls into an easy, reliable, and industry-changing set of manuals – a kind of ‘Hotel 101’ for the training and development requirements that are sorely lacking and needed in the industry at the moment.

BON Hotels’ culture and ethos are built on the pillars of Good People, Good Thinking, and Good Feeling. What do these three pillars mean to you?

Honesty, forward-thinking, supporting my team, and embracing innovation.

What are your passions outside of the travel and tourism industry? What could you talk about for hours?

I am a cat lady who loves spending time in the garden.

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