New Appointment

Shaun Boyd – Sales Executive, STO Market

Shaun Boyd has been appointed Sales Executive for the STO market at BON Hotels – to oversee market growth and brand development in the sector.   

From his first position as a receptionist, Shaun’s go-getter attitude ensured a rapid trajectory through the ranks – his vast experience and successes in the hospitality space bear testament to that. He is confident yet respectful in his approach to clients, ever aware of the potential value they can bring to the business. 

Shaun is a team player, extremely self-motivated and ever up for a challenge – coupled with his personable nature and innovative approach to sales and the many #good relationships he has built in the industry, this makes him an excellent candidate for the position.

Thobile Shange – Sales Executive, KZN

Thobile Shange has been appointed Sales Executive for BON Hotels based in KZN to oversee market growth, market penetration and development of the brand in the region.

Armed with a Diploma in Travel & Tourism and an innate passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry, Thobile brings a commitment to her work that is engaging and inspiring.  Having started her career as a travel agent, she states that moving into sales was a turning point in her life, as if a light went on!  

She believes that everyone should make the world their University, to make a serious commitment never to stop learning, and that success is measured by how much work and energy you put in, every day! Thobile’s ambition makes her an ideal candidate for the job and we are sure she is going to do remarkable things for BON Hotels.

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