BON Hotels’ portfolio links strategic centres across Nigeria, creating important tourism circuits

BON Hotels’ growth in Nigeria has been prodigious and continues to flourish with the more recent acquisitions of 11 additional hotels in the region bringing their portfolio in West Africa up to 25 hotels across 14 cities and in so doing becoming West Africa and Nigeria’s largest and fastest growing  hotel group.  This has been a conscious thought process with the board carefully and thoughtfully selecting and identifying properties in the region that will ultimately create mega tourism circuits, boost tourism and link important centres across the region.

Bernard Cassar, Director of BON HotelS International West Africa, says that BON Hotels’ strategy for Nigeria is to contribute to a holistic view of the country, a holistic view of tourism and hospitality, and to establish tourism circuits where required, taking into consideration not just international visitors but the local business traveller too.

With 14  new hotel projects underway and a further 11  being signed, the Group is on track to tying up the trade routes linking Nigeria, making life a whole lot easier for commuters both local and from abroad who are currently having to travel back and forth over long distances to get their business done.  

The group has identified and is focusing on building a triangular city circuit incorporating trade, city and northern routes that will effectively tie up the trade routes for West Africa running through Nigeria, servicing over 200 million commuters and thereby improving tourism, the economy, the hospitality industry as a whole and adding value to each city in which they operate.

The circuits include, from airport to airport connecting important centres across the region:

    Owerri –  Onitswa – Asaba – Awka- Enugu
    Asaba – Orca – Enugu
    Abuja – Kanu – Kaduna – Zaria – Yola

Paul Umoh, Executive Director of BON Hotel International West Africa and a prominent member of the Nigerian community, says that they are adding value in tourism circuits where they believe that it is needed.   “Within these routes we are trying to create hospitality ventures and centres of excellence, thereby contributing to the industry in a positive way, creating jobs and boosting tourism.”

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