BON Hotels continues to show phenomenal growth in Nigeria

Sixteen hotels across six cities

BON Hotels continues its dominance in the Nigerian hotel space with the recent acquisition of an additional four properties, bringing the total up to sixteen hotels under management agreements within only 18 months. This makes the Company the largest hotel operator in Nigeria, including hotels in Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa and Namibia. 

Following through on their commitment to Nigeria and the development of its hotel and tourism segment, coupled with the recent economic upswing and official end of the recession, the group is continuing to extend their footprint in the region, showing remarkable growth in a short space of time.  They anticipate a further two hotels to be signed before the year is out, and twenty in total by early next year.

The four hotels recently acquired will be 4-star graded and of an international standard. BON Hotel Tripod Owerri, will provide a 70-room hotel catering to the corporate and leisure markets which is due to open early next year.  BON Hotel Sunshine Enugu, a 4-star, 120-room hotel primed for the business traveller will open its doors to the public in January 2018. 

BON Hotel Newland Abuja is in Wuse 2 and BON Hotel Airport Enugu are still under construction and due to open in 8 – 12 months.


  1. BON Hotel Grand Tower, Abuja
  2. BON Hotel Lekki, Lagos – under construction
  3. BON Hotel Elvis, Abuja- opening within the next 3 months
  4. BON Hotel Apo, Abuja- under construction
  5. BON Hotel Ekiti – opening within the next 6 months
  6. BON Hotel Owerri- under construction
  7. BON Hotel Tripod Owerri – opening within the next 4 months
  8. BON Hotel Sunshine Enugu- opening within the next 3 months
  9. BON Hotel Abuja, in Maitiama
  10. BON Hotel Grand Pela, Durumi, Abuja
  11. BON Hotel Delta, Warri
  12. BON Hotel Stratton Asokoro, Abuja
  13. Protea Hotel Ikeja, Lagos, operated by BON Hotels.
  14. Protea Hotel Victoria Island, operated by BON Hotels.
  15. BON Hotel Airport Enugu, Enugu – under construction
  16. BON Hotel Newland Abuja, Wuse 2 – opening within 7 months

Executive Director of operations at BON Hotels International West Africa (BHIWA) Paul Umoh, who was recently appointed to the board, says he has pledged to uphold the tradition that has made BON Hotels the leading hotel group in Nigeria and is committed to further driving this expansion of the brand throughout West Africa. 

Speaking at a press event held in Lagos earlier this month, Umoh said, “Nigeria has the potential to become a powerhouse of tourism and hospitality on the continent.  In Africa, you need to add value well before you start to extract value.”  He also said that too many international operators lose sight of this in Africa, and try to focus on the extraction of value, rather than adding value to jobs, tourism and training, and to being in the country for the long term.

Umoh says that he is excited that the shift to local operators has been well received, and will continue to focus on the development of skills and talent in West Africa, operating to true International standards.

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