New appointment

Paul Umoh appointed Executive Director, Operations at BON Hotel International West Africa

The board of BON Hotels is delighted to welcome Paul Umoh, who has been appointed Executive Director of Operations at BON Hotels International West Africa, taking over from the late Pieter Bekker, who had mentored him over the past 13 years in various aspects of the business. 

Paul worked with Protea Hotels in numerous capacities from unit to regional to head office for more than 13 years and has been with BON Hotels International West Africa since inception.  He is a prominent member of the community and brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to this challenging position. 

His vision for the group is to grow a culture of Nigerian General Managers in line with international benchmarks, under the guidance of seasoned hospitality icons on the board, and at hotel level.  Umoh adds, “It is our duty as BON Hotels to add value to both our hotels and owners, and our guests, by focusing on and training our people to perform to worldwide standards and give of their very best, and in so doing we will extract the value that our shareholders aspire to.”

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