BON Hotels launch BONNY

With the recent launch of phase one of BON Hotels’ web-based application for mobile devices, “app-tly” named BONNY, the guest experience at any of their properties has just been upgraded.  In their efforts to stay ahead in the technological space, continually improve upon existing systems, and create new ways of engaging with their guests, the group is piloting some smart innovation to make your stay a better one.

Travel and technology have certainly risen to the challenge, coming together to deliver solutions to enhance the travel experience.  Guy Stehlik, CEO of BON Hotels, says that keeping abreast or even ahead of technological trends allows him to provide a better service to his guests, run his business more efficiently and, most importantly, to compete on a global level.  He adds, “As our guests demand speedier and alternative options, in keeping with their always-connected lifestyles and latest devices, we have had to adapt to our guests behaviour and meet their digital demands, whilst still maintaining a personalised service – just ask BONNY!” 

Using the protel Voyager platform which is compatible with any device, this web-based application, a first to market for SA hotel groups,  is accessible via a customised link that allows you to access the services and facilities offered at each hotel anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. Ian Lumsden, General Manager at Ankerdata, supplier of hospitality business solutions, says, “Guests are able to seamlessly interact with the hotel before, during and after their stay, and in their own preferred manner.” All of the information is centrally and securely managed, enabling staff to act timeously to support the guest, whether behind the scenes or face-to-face.  Guests can access the Mobile Concierge link from their booking confirmation, on the hotel website, or via a QR code displayed at the front desk, allowing them to begin interacting immediately. 

Phase One of BONNY will first see a rollout of in-house guest services.  One of the key features is that you are able to order room service from your phone – a first in South Africa!    Other features allow you to view your profile and check your invoice to make sure all is in order – this will speed up the checking-out process.  Get the lay of the land by using the ‘getting around’ link or peruse the list of in-house TV channels to make sure you don’t miss ‘the game’.  You can get your mini-bar stocked and while you wait read up on room services and important things to know. You can also rate your stay, extend your stay and even book a room for a return visit –  be sure to check out the special rates link too.

The next phase will see the application more focused on pre-check-in services allowing you to book your activities and tours, book car hire or airport transfers and check in online ahead of arrival. The online check-in facility will speed up the process of getting you to your room, so you can unpack before rushing out to enjoy a pre-booked activity at the hotel or in the vicinity.

BON Hotels are in the process of examining the South African loyalty and rewards landscape that has suffered huge criticism, by comparing and developing them in line with successful international programs. They will be launching their loyalty program via the application later this year.

Rest assured your stay just got APPsolutely fabulous!

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