What to expect from your wedding provider

Given that when you are planning your special day you will be spending an inordinate amount of time with your wedding provider, it is highly recommended that you do some research and are confident about firstly where you get married and secondly who you will be dealing with.

Amidst the hype and excitement of finally becoming engaged you will be forgiven for not quite realizing just how much goes into planning that day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl; buried by a snowstorm of checklists and an overwhelming array of decisions. Brides often do not have a clear picture of how they want their day to be, which makes the co-ordinator’s job all the more difficult; however, by asking the right questions they are able to get an idea of your favourite colours, styles, likes and dislikes, so that they can let the wedding reflect who you are, whether it be classic, modern, traditional, unconventional, creative or adventurous.

Taking on the services of a wedding planner or in-house co-ordinator makes good financial sense (your husband-to-be will be glad to know), and you will also have someone to oversee the entire wedding on the day, so you are not having to run around and worry about loose ribbons, whether the priest has arrived or finding an extra seat for a long-lost aunt you have forgotten about.  Laura Mangunda, Conference & Banqueting Co-ordinator at BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal, says, “Hotels are more than equipped to deal with the bride directly to oversee the wedding planning and arrangements, or to deal with a wedding planner to facilitate the vision of the bride.”

You can also decide just how much you want the hotel to be involved, from the very start, the whole bang shoot, or just on the day.   And don’t be afraid to ask questions of the co-ordinator – like, how many weddings they have overseen, what their most challenging event was, and do they have any photographs or testimonials?  This will assist you greatly in establishing a rapport with him or her and determining whether they have the same vision.

Top of your list should be to book your venue, the photographer, dress- maker and the DJ or band, as these service providers are the most sought after during wedding season.  Laura recommends then sitting down with your co-ordinator and compiling a budget with a list of things to do and a timeline so you can both stay on top of things: save-the-dates, invitations, catering, décor, flowers, lighting, dance floor, cake, gifting, accommodation, car hire, suppliers, priest, rings, rehearsals, dance floor and so the list goes on.  By all means rope in your bridesmaid(s) or your mom to help too (or not).  In other words, delegate, delegate so that on the day you are free to enjoy each and every special moment.

BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal not only has beautiful spaces for celebrations but also has staff who are passionate about what they do and who really do go the extra mile in making that special day the very best it can be.  They ensure that every element comes together with style and efficiency – the flow, timing and execution of a wedding day is as important as the details themselves. Focusing on service and making sure your guests are taken care of is at the forefront of BON Hotel Riveria on Vaal’s commitment to excellence, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.  Says Laura, “We do, so you can say ‘I do’!”

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