Good things come to those who wait

You may recall Malcolm Gladwell’s hugely popular book Outliers which is largely responsible for introducing “the 10 000-hour rule” to the masses. That ten-thousand-hour rule is something that I have supported for years – somehow the notion of achieving success after doing the same thing for ten thousand hours appeals to my tenacious nature.

So often this rule calls loud and clear as motivation for me and my team to persevere, knowing that soon our hard work will start to pay off.  By staying true to our BON Blueprint of taking on only those projects where we believe that we can add value, we have in some instances had to walk away from prospects that would have grown our portfolio, but went against everything we stand for. The result has been a slow, organic growth of BON Hotels – a growth which requires continued reassurance and positive energy from my team, more of those “hours”, and a 100% belief in what we do!

 It is uncanny that a surge of motivational messages has appeared out of nowhere in the last few weeks. Perhaps this is a sign, shedding light on our efforts and pushing us even harder.  Good things come to those who wait… In the last few months we have been working extensively on 2 exciting opportunities, and consequently have successfully concluded both of these agreements. BON Hotels will have some exciting announcements within the next few weeks…..

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