BON Hotels securing future talent…

It is encouraging, to say the least, that over the last few weeks our core values are coming to the fore and the industry will be buying into them – Good people. Good thinking. Good feeling.  Whilst I think I have reasonably good ability for spotting talent, and have surrounded myself with a team of brilliant people, recently we have seen that talent come flocking to knock on our doors, which is a positive sign that we are doing things right at this early stage of our evolution.

Working in the hospitality industry is an exciting challenge for anyone and in South Africa we have a good standard of hotel management personnel. But what happens to the youngsters who have incredible talent and drive for the industry with new-age thinking, and are faced with a lack of inspiring positions to fill? I am pleased to announce that in the months to come, BON Hotels will be rolling out our BON Academy and Training Institute, to find and keep that young talent.  Need I say it, exciting times are ahead “Good people”!

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