BON Hotels group gets a new ‘good thinking’ website

The new website for BON Hotels is a key component in their strategy to become a world-class hotel management company. Hoping to create something user-friendly, interactive and unique, BON Hotels management approached digital agency Media Machine with a brief that covered everything from ease of navigation and convenience to direct online bookings.

“This website meets all the criteria that we require,” says Guy Stehlik of BON Hotels. “It makes real-time online bookings, provides clear and concise information about BON Hotels’ services and business models, delivers online marketing collateral for hotels as well as providing simple communication channels for all enquiries, career queries and feedback from guests.”

It also has the ability to drive direct online bookings, generate new business and be a central communication hub.

Traditional booking channels have developed a great deal in the past 10 years. Social media, Google and easy-to-use mobile booking apps have brought hotel search and booking to ‘everywhere’. Recent studies indicate that mobile devices are heavily used for booking travel and hotels, with smartphones and tablets coming out tops. With this in mind, BON’s responsive site has been crafted to automatically fit whatever device it is being viewed on, allowing an optimal viewing experience and minimising the need for resizing and scrolling.

Honest customer feedback provides another important element to the site as a whole. With real time responses from social media platforms, the website also includes TripAdvisor reviews and comments, which will provide potential guests with authentic and trustworthy opinions of past customers. As a growing hotel group, the website also allows accessible functionality for all hotels, providing them with the means to instantly update their own information.

By partnering with likeminded, innovative and ‘good thinking’ companies, is guaranteed to provide all users with a pleasant, convenient and streamlined experience.

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