Noun: bonhomie
Cheerful friendliness; geniality.
"He exuded good humour and bonhomie."

You will notice on our Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram feed that we keep going on about our #BONHomies. “What is BONHomie?” can be heard throughout the corridors of our hotels and across tables in our restaurants.

So here you have it:

We know that brands love to get fabulous famous people, socialites and celebrities to represent them, to talk about them favourably and share and tweet up a storm; the desired result = the said brand looks cool and ‘happening’ and ordinary people like us will rush to purchase that item or enlist the service or buy the shoes.

Well, we at BON Hotels wanted to do things a little differently. We wanted to make our guests, loyal followers and “real people” (as opposed to unreal) our ambassadors. We wanted to make certain that we chose people who represent our brand perfectly. Cool people, who would be happy to promote us, like share and click, speak about us at the braai and make all their friends a little envious. So, we took it to the social media pages and launched our #BONHomie Competition that invited our followers to enter to stand a chance of becoming one of our very own ambassadors, our BONHomies. What we also did was decide to throw a celebrity into the group too - no ordinary celeb though: we looked for the outstanding ones, who matched our ethos of Good people; Good thinking; Good feeling.

The result? 10 fantastic true BONHomies at each of our properties, led by our truly amazing celebrities:




BON Hotel Bloemfontein Central = Lerato Manjiya

With 60 caps under her belt, former model and PR professional, the beautiful and formidable Lerato plays lock for the Freestate Ladies Rugby team.  On completing her schooling she studied sports recreation and fitness leadership which has stood her in good stead in life and on the field.  She has a passion for people and her profession which is evident in her approach to life and those around her.   We are super chuffed to have Lerato as our celebrity BONhomie and we look forward to the new season – go Cheetahs, go homies!



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